Camping at Skull Shoals Park & Campground is an amazing experience. Make sure you’re prepared by arriving with everything you need in order to set up camp and live comfortably throughout the weekend.

You’ll be shown to the available camping areas once you arrive at the front gate. There is way more than enough room for all of us so feel free to spread out!

Attendees can either camp within the wooded areas for a bit of sun coverage, along the many treelines around the venue, or out in the field.

Above-ground fire pits are fine to have, but no other fires are allowed. This is part of our LNT principles. Anything that would leave a burn scar is not allowed.

Car and RV camping is allowed only in designated areas. If you are not in the Car and RV camping area, you must drive your car to the parking lot for the duration of the event once you’ve unpacked.

Arriving during the day is ideal so you can see your camping area clearly. Arriving after dark is okay as long as it’s within our gate hours.