1. A diverse array of workshops from top-notch Atlanta and out-of-state flow artists.
  2. Fire spinning to live drumming and music from energy driven DJs.
  3. Connecting with other local and global manipulation artists.
  4. While we will all be having a good time, this is not a party; the primary purpose of this event is to learn, teach, and network. Do not come to spectate – participate!

About the Location:

Cherokee Farms is a beautiful setting on acres of rolling hills, with plenty of open grassy areas for our classes, vendor village, and fire circle.

Cars are parked at a farther field while RVs stay in a field closer by, and there are several shaded woody areas close by for camping. These are foresty spaces with no defined camping spots or fire pits, so make sure to pack everything you’ll need to stay warm and dry under the trees.

After you choose a camping spot and drive in to drop your gear off, you will drive back to the parking lot to leave your car there for the rest of the festival.

Gate Hours:

Arrange your arrival and departure for the open gate hours listed below. To reduce our footprint on the local community there will be no in-and-out privileges once you arrive, so make sure to bring everything you’ll need to survive until the end of your stay! (All exceptions must be arranged in advance, as they will require an organizer to facilitate.)

  • Thursday: vendors only from 8am-noon; all welcome from noon-11pm
  • Friday: 8am-9pm
  • Saturday: 8am-noon
  • Sunday: leave by 3pm

At the gate, you’ll find our friendly Greeters who will provide you with your wristband, information about the festival, and very likely a hug!


There will be running water available at the shower hut, and propane-powered hot water showers. Porta-potties will be available.

Please note that there will be no food vendors at the event and no driving in-and-out for food, so bring everything you’ll need to stay well fed for the weekend — including a camp stove if you plan to cook, as campfires won’t be allowed. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water! Though there is potable water in the kitchen if necessary, the kitchen is often in use by the Hospitality team.  If you volunteer at the event you may ask if it’s okay to make use of the kitchen, but we may be in the middle of cooking with no room to spare. However, there is a sink on the outside of the kitchen which volunteers can use to refill bottles. This sink isn’t inside the kitchen, so it’s okay to use even if the kitchen seems busy.

What to Bring:

  • Your ID, to verify your ticket.

  • Cash, to spend at all the neat vendor booths!

  • Fuel. The fuel dump will accept donations of Coleman Camp Fuel or Crown Camp Fuel. Stores near the site always run out, so by it up now!

  • Food and water. Two gallons of water is recommended per person per day. Don’t forget snacks!

  • Cooking utensils: camp stove, cup and bowl, pan and spatula, etc.

  • Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, awning, camp stove, cooking utensils, etc.

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes. Pack layers for warm days and very cold nights.

  • Hygienic supplies: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, towels, toilet paper, etc.

  • Bug spray.

  • Sunscreen.

  • Flashlight.

  • Ear plugs.

  • All of your toys, both fire and glow!

  • What not to bring: as much of what we do here can be very dangerous, we wish to strongly encourage sobriety among participants, so drugs and alcohol are discouraged. Also, please do not bring animals to the event.

Leave no Trace:

In an effort to leave the land as we found it, we ask your help in taking your trash with you at the end of the festival.


A first aid tent staffed by volunteers will be available near the main area.

There will be a safety meeting on Thursday and Friday before sunset for everyone who does not have a FAI Fire Safety Certification — attending the meeting or having a certification is mandatory for everyone planning to participate in the fire circle!


FLAME is only possible with every participant volunteering and actively engaging with the flow community. Don’t forget to sign up for volunteer shifts! You can do so at the online form, or at the volunteer tent at the event.

Each vendor will provide an item/items for the volunteer raffle being held Sunday. Sign up for as many Volunteer shifts as you can for more chances to win awesome stuff!


If you have any questions, they’ll be answered quickest at our Facebook Pages: the FLAME Festival page or the 2018 Event Page. You can also send us an email: info@flamefestival.com