Fire Safety Videos:

Fire Safety is a huge priority for the Flow Arts Institute and we’ve spent the past several years compiling the most comprehensive information related to fire safety and spinning for the benefit of the entire community. Our series of online videos give you an overview of the science of fire as well as the most effective safety procedures for fueling, performer, and safety spotting, and they are available free of charge here at the Flow Arts Institute YouTube page.


Online Certification:

We also offer certification! After watching the videos, you can sign up for our online course to test your knowledge on our fire safety protocols for $15. These protocols are the basis for a fire performer’s license in New York City and the coming year will see similar programs rolled out in other major American cities. Get a leg up by viewing the videos and taking the safety certification course –keep yourself, your friends, and your community safe! You can get the certification here.


Certification at the Event:

There will be no certification on site at FLAME FESTIVAL this year.   Please check out other FAI events for updates on where we will be having the next one.


Safety Meeting:

Those who have not gotten a Fire Safety Certification will be advised to attend one of the mandatory fire safety meetings at the event before being able to participate in the fire circle. There will be one meeting held Thursday evening, and another Friday evening.


Let’s keep our event and our communities safe!